Australia Honeymoon Trip Part 1 – Gold Coast


I had a hard time deciding where to go for my honeymoon trip.

It was South Korea vs Australia. Because we just went Seoul last year (but i will never get sick of it), it made the decision making process easier for us!

We’re supposed to leave Singapore end March, but I closed a deal and had to run a work event on 1 April. SO, we had to push back our flight and paid about $400 for the changing the flight to fly on my birthday! I didn’t really like the idea of spending my birthday on a plane but guessed that would be the next best date to fly.

We’re so busy with work that we forgot to apply for visa. Luckily we can apply visa at Changi Airport but we have to pay $50/pax in cash. Oh wells, at that point of time we had no choice but to pay right? So reminder to those going Aussie, REMEMBER TO APPLY VISA OK 🙂

Our first stop – Gold Coast!

Arrived at Gold Coast airport early morning and bought GO Card which allows unlimited travel on the tram and buses. It’s cheaper to get from the airport for AUD10 a day while some places were selling it for AUD15.  With the card, we took a bus which brought us to Phoenician Resort Apartment @ Broadbeach.

We had breakfast at a nearby cafe called Sage. There are many cafes and restaurants around our hotel and most of them have breakfast set for AUD9-10. As it was the Easter Day Weekend and apparently Easter Day is something very big for the Aussies, hence there was a public holiday surcharge for all dining places 😦

Surfer’s Paradise

Surfer's  Paradise

After checking into the hotel, we freshened up a little and headed out to Surfers Paradise! It was not called Surfers Paradise for nothing – the waves are huge and I was totally enjoying the sea view and the breeze!

There were a lot of street performances as it was the Australian Street Performance Championships as part of the Surfers Paradise festival.


And not forgetting getting a green smoothie at Boost which is like everywhere in Australia. Love their smoothies!


Broadbeach Art And Craft Markets

The next morning, we went to Broadbeach Art And Craft Markets which is held only on 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, all year round. There you can find many stalls selling handmade products, homewares, jewellery, fresh food and drinks, natural skincare products and more.


We bought a handcrafted ginger beer for AUD4. We were surprised how small a cup it was. To be honest, I prefer the canned ginger beer as this was a little bitter for my liking!

Broachbeach Art And Craft Market

Old Burleigh Road

Kurrawa Park, Broadbeach

QLD, 4218

8.00am-2.30pm on every first and third Sunday of the month

Bounce Inc Trampoline Park


The highlight of the day was going to a trampoline park. See, i am someone who doesn’t like just plain sightseeing and prefer something experiential. Hence, I suggested going to Bounce Inc after seeing their advertisement everywhere – bus stops, TV and magazines. And that was the best choice ever!


Look at the colours – totally loving the place the moment we stepped in. We booked online for an 1-hour session as we reckoned we might get bored after jumping for 1 hour. After we changed to our sportswear and their bounce grip socks (compulsory to buy a pair of bounce grip socks but we got them for free as there were some promotion for tourists), we entered the trampoline area and started with the simpler ones first!

It was really hard to control the body and i was very impressed that many young kids can jump and flip so well.

There were areas for trampoline dodgeball game which looked really interesting. We didn’t know anyone there, we didn’t join in the game. But can you imagine?  You have to keep jumping and hide from the ball from the opponent team. Definitely not easy but quite fun right?

We tried the slam dunk where we have to jump on the trampoline and try to dunk the basketball into net. Not easy too but JM had a lot of fun.

1 hour was just nice for us because we were so tired after all the jumping. All sweaty after the session but guess it was a good workout after all.



Bounce Robina 

10 Energy Circuit

Robina QLD 4226

How to get there:

Take bus no. to and change 

Dream World

Woke up early on the third day to have an early breakfast at Sage again before heading to Dream World! It was getting a little warm as the sun was glaring, so i bought a cheap AUD5 cap at some random shop to protect my face against the UV rays.


One of the first thing we did there was to watch the tiger show, in awe and fear!

IMG_2755 IMG_2756

Tried most of the rides and was disappointed that it was not as fun as we thought it would be. We both agreed that Ocean Park at HK is so much better!

And here’s my fave picture taken in Gold Coast to concludes 3-day stay in Gold Coast!



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