Picnic Perfect! – How To Plan A Perfect Picnic?


Picnic Perfect! – How To Plan A Perfect Picnic in Singapore?

How to plan a picnic in Singapore?

How to plan a picnic in Singapore?

Picnic is definitely one of my fave weekend activities. I mean what’s not to love about sitting out in nature and enjoying the food and company of the day? I just had a picnic session with my family and it was  so fun and meaningful to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Some may find it a hassle to pack all the things needed and prepare all the food for the picnic. But it can be kept really simple. Picnic is nothing more than choosing a great picnic location, inviting a good group of people, bringing something to sit on, and packing some food and drinks, as simple as that. And of course, praying it doesn’t rain on that day!


1) Plan the picnic venue

This is essentially the first thing you need to do. And good news is, you can practically picnic anywhere you like! Some of the things you might want to consider are the accessibility and the amenities available. If you have little ones, you might need to find a venue where restrooms or bathrooms are easily available. If you have pets, you might need a venue that is pet-friendly.

Some of the popular and favourite picnic spots in Singapore are

Botanic Gardens

East Coast Park

Marina Barrage

Hort Park

Macritchie Reservoir

Bishan Park


2) Plan the food menu

photo credit to Food For Thought

What’s on your food menu depends largely on how elaborated you want it to be. You can prepare simple food like sandwiches, salads, cheese and fruit platter at home. Or you can also buy picnic-friendly food such as sushi, bread, pizzas etc.

And if you are lazy to prepare all the food, it can be a potluck session where everyone bring their own food to the picnic. We call this BYOF (Bring Your Own Food)!

If you are planning a picnic at Singapore Botanic Gardens, I have another tip for you! Food For Thought at the Botanic Garden outlet actually allows you to ‘rent a picnic basket’ and customize the picnic menu and they will prepare the food for you. The cost starts from $42 (for 2 pax) and it requires a $50 returnable deposit. They really know how to make picnic hassle-free!


2) Packing For Picnic

Now the only thing you need to do is to pack up your basket and head to your picnic venue for an enjoyable picnic with your loved ones.

To make things easier for you, I have designed a picnic packing list and you can download and use my picnic packing list to make sure you have it all. Fits a A4 printing size. I spent an hour to do this and I hope you find it useful 🙂

Picnic packing list

Picnic packing list



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