Family Picnic at East Coast Park!


It’s been long since our family gather for an outing! It’s always hard to arrange because everyone has a busy schedule and it is hard to find a day when everyone is free.

And finally, we managed to set aside a day for a picnic session at East Coast Park!

It’s not full attendance but still, it didn’t deter us from having a fun.

My older cousin prepared some simple sandwiches and croissants. I didn’t eat any because I just met my girlfriends for afternoon tea before I joined them. Check out how my little cousin Xann enjoyed the food 🙂

Picnic in SIngapore

Picnic in SIngapore

I’ve prepared some DIY kites (leftover from my craft workshop event) but alas I forgot to bring some crayons or markers to decorate. So we flew a plain white kite! Rather surprised that the wind at ECP is strong enough to fly my kite.

And then, my siblings and I decided to go cycling. Rented a bike for 1 hour and the rate is about $7-8 per hour. Off we go……..

Cycling at East Coast Park

Cycling at East Coast Park

I really enjoy cycling at East Coast Park as long as the weather is not too hot. There was one weekday evening that JM and I went cycling out of no reason and we both enjoyed this great activity!

By the time we finished cycling and cleaning up, we are all so hungry and went to eat Mootaka for dinner. Shall share more about my first time eating Mootaka next time!

Shall end off with the group picture we took using a selfie stick. Yes, a selfie stick! Haha i always think it looks retarded to use a selfie stick but I must say it is really useful when you want to take photo of a big group!

picnic group shot

picnic group shot


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