Seoul Trip (with Downloadable Travel Bingo Game )


I’m back from Korea trip for awhile already and I must say it is one of the most awesome trip. I want to go again pleaseeeeeeee!!

Korean trip - Korean BB@

Must eat – Korean BBQ at Pal Saik

I did research and planned the entire trip myself. Came up with a Travel Bingo game to make the trip more interesting and fun. And when I posted on my FB page and instagram, I got so more likes than ever and a few friends started to pm me and ask me for my itinerary.

things to do in Seoul

Travel Bingo – things to do in Seoul

And I’ve decided to upload the updated Things To Do in Seoul Travel Bingo  so you can download and print. Recommended to print on kraft paper for aesthetic purpose.

You can award yourself with more shopping funds or a good food if you manage to complete 3 lines on your bingo card.

If you are travelling to Seoul soon, hope you find this Travel Bingo interesting and enjoy yourself in Seoul!


We love Seoul

We love Seoul




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